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Sir Bani Yas Island and its surrounding waters are home to a wide variety of wildlife. On the Island there are four larger carnivore species: the Northern Cheetah, Golden Jackal, Caracal and the Striped Hyena, three Gazelle species, eight Antelope species, three Deer species, eight small mammal species including the Lesser Jerboa and Cheesman’s Gerbil, Giraffes, two Mountain Sheep species, three Snake species, seven Gecko species, two Skink species, six Bat species and more than 100 anthropod and insect species.

We also have over two hundred species of birds, many migratory, who take refuge on Sir Bani Yas and its surrounding islands.  Inhabiting the local waters are two species of dolphins, dugong and a multitude of fish including sharks, and reptiles with five species of sea turtles including the Hawksbill Turtle, the only breeding turtle in the region.
Moreover, the Island is home to one of the world’s largest herd of endangered Arabian Oryx. While formally extinct in the wild, there are currently over 400 who roam freely across the Arabian Wildlife Park!

Experience this diversity firsthand through the wide range of activities we have on offer; both on land and sea. Come face to face with our stunning marine life when Scuba Diving in the waters surrounding Sir Bani Yas, become the ultimate explorer on our Nature and Wildlife Drive or navigate the varied terrain of the Arabian Wildlife Park on horseback, by bike or on foot and get an opportunity to see these animals in this unique open environment.