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Archaeological Sites


Forty two phenomenal archaeological sites have been discovered throughout Sir Bani Yas Island, each providing a distinct insight into the island’s history. One of the oldest sites is the remains of a Nestorian Christian monastery which dates back to 600 AD and has been sensitively excavated unearthing many artefacts. Key sites on the island can be viewed whilst other sites have been carefully covered, to protect them until the time when they can be incorporated into the destination experience. 

Sir Bani Yas Island was first mentioned in European literature around 1590, when the Venetian jeweller Gasparo Balbi listed “Sirbeniast” as an island around which pearls were often found. It was also described in some detail during the 1820s and 1850s by British Navy officers who were surveying the lower Gulf Waters. Tourists have the opportunity to gain an insight into the fascinating history behind Sir Bani Yas Island and lay eyes on the archaeological excavations transformation and developments over the centuries on the Culture & History tour.