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Here on Sir Bani Yas Island, conservation is an imperative part of our life and work. Our ongoing efforts include keeping any environmental impact to a minimum, such as placing very strict policies on off-road driving and speed limits to prevent any damage to the environment and the animals. Additionally, all of our activities are run by expert guides who take the necessary steps and precautions to protect the Island’s fragile ecosystem. We have also implemented an extensive landscaping strategy, which we are constantly enhancing to ensure there is an optimal balance between plants, wildlife and the island environment.

Our sustainability efforts aren’t just limited to our conservation programme or policies; it is also a part of any development we undertake on Sir Bani Yas. This includes the construction of our three resorts, whose design principles combine maximum efficiencies with minimal environmental impact.

Another unique element to our conservation programme is planting a mangrove for each visitor to Sir Bani Yas. This not only offsets any changes but also helps maintain the ecology on the Island. Mangroves are very important to the ecosystem because they help counteract pollution by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide, as well as additionally providing fish breeding grounds while naturally preventing erosion.