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Discovery Islands

The six Discovery Islands - Gasha, Umm Al Kurkum, Umm Qasar, Jaber, Umm Al Hamas and Alaqua - are located just off Sir Bani Yas Island; just 250 kilometres away from Abu Dhabi city. The islands are currently untouched and have become nesting grounds for migratory birds and turtles. Over the last few years, a number of research programmes have been carried out to document breeding habits on the islands. It has been decided that while the research is being undertaken, no developments will commence on any of the six islands - they will remain undisturbed to protect their varied bird and marine life. Classed as important breeding zones by conservationists and researchers, they are protected from illegal poachers, fishermen and campers and cannot be visited; however, divers visiting Sir Bani Yas Island often see Discovery Islands’ amazing wildlife from a safe distance as they dive in or around some of the sites surrounding Sir Bani Yas.