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Mangrove trees or shrubs, or 'true mangroves', are tropical salt-tolerant, evergreen trees that are found growing along sheltered shorelines and within coastal lagooons, which are protected from strong wave actions.

Known locally as qurm, these specially adapted tress are the amjor component of mangrove forest or 'mangal', which are usually composed of a variety of plant species that have adapted to live in salty water-logged soils. There are 110 species of tru mangroves in the world, of which 54 species are only ever foing in mangrove forests. Only one of the species, the GREY MANGROVE (Avicennia marina), is known to occur naturally within the Arabian Guld. It has recently been discovered that the Grey Mangrove of Abu Dhabi is genetically unique (Maguire et all 2000)

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