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Mangrove Planting

There are several stunning mangrove forests around Sir Bani Yas Island which can be found on the north coast in the Lagoon behind the hotel, on the south-west coast in the lagoon opposite the airport, on the east coast in the lagoon and in Royal Bay. Many of these mangrove areas were planted twelve to thirty years ago, and although they could be considered an artificial habitat, these mangroves are now well established and provide the same ecosystem service of a naturally established mangrove.

The mangroves on our island are mainly composed of the Grey Mangrove; which is the most salt-tolerant of all Mangrove species. These forests provide several different types of habitats that are important to a variety of animal species on Sir Bani Yas Island. The base of the trees supports the growth of algae; which provides a rich feeding ground for a host of invertebrates such as crabs, worms, molluscs and marine snails; as well as a feeding and nursery ground for many species of fish.

Whilst above the water, our mangroves offer an important habitat and sustenance for many species of birds.  Dependent on the time of year, species such as the Heron, Sandpiper and Curlew have been spotted feeding on the mudflats close to mangroves during the low tide.

As part of your island experience; we plant a mangrove for each visitor to our beautiful island, and if you join us on our culture and history tour you may be able to plant your own giving you the opportunity to take part in our conservation efforts; helping provide shelter and food for fish and other sea creatures!