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Reptiles, Insects and Arachnids

  • Baluch Ground Gecko

    Latin Name: Bunopus tuberculatus

    The quick, tiny Baluch Ground Gecko is a small, ground-dwelling gecko with short, straight toes, a long tail, with a generally tan coloured body. This is so they have good camouflage against its sandy habitat; keep your eyes peeled to see if you can spot any on the Island!

    Quick Facts

    Weight : 5.4 – 10 kg
    Height : 60 – 90 cm
    Native to : Arabia
    What they eat : Insects and plants.
    Interesting fact : They can shed their tail as a defense mechanism against predators.
  • Yellow-bellied House Gecko

    Latin Name: Hemidactylus flaviviridis

    The large yellow-bellied house gecko has a distinct variation of body colourings depending on the time of day. At night, the yellow-bellied house gecko is typically greyish, olive or brown, patterned with indistinct bands on the back and yellowish on the underside; however, when seen during the day, they are usually much darker in colour.

    Quick Facts

    Weight : 8 – 10 kg
    Height : 18-20 cm
    Native to : Asia
    What they eat : Insects.
    Interesting fact : They can climb vertically up walls and walk on ceilings
  • Slevins Sand Gecko

    Latin Name: Stenodactylus slevini

    The small Slevins Sand Gecko is a nocturnal, ground-dwelling species. The baby Slevins sand gecko produces a distraction display when confronted by a potential predator, passing waves of movement along the extended tail. This draws the predator’s attention towards the tail and away from their vulnerable head and body.

    Quick Facts

    Weight : 25g
    Height : up to 8cm
    Native to : Arabia
    What they eat : Insects and small invertebrates.
    Interesting fact : Females can only lay a single egg.
  • Schokari Sand Racer

    Latin Name: Psammophis schokari

    The speedy Schokari Sand Racer is one of the fastest snakes in the Middle East. They have a thin body with varied colouration and patterning and an elongated head, with very large golden-brown eyes. When chasing prey they are capable of reaching speeds of up to 16 kilometres per hour, and can even climb trees in order to reach adult birds and nestlings.

    Quick Facts

    Weight : 3 - 5 kg
    Height : 150cm
    Native to : Asia, Africa and Arabia
    What they eat : Lizards, small birds, rodents and other snakes.
    Interesting fact : They are not venomous to humans.
  • Black tailed Buthid

    Latin Name: Androctonus bicolor

    Black tailed Buthid is the largest of the scorpion family. They can be identified by their substantial physique. They tend to move very fast, and are of an aggressive nature.

    Quick Facts

    Weight : 1 - 3 kg
    Height : 11.5 - 12.7cm
    Native to : Arabia
    What they eat : Insects, spiders, lizards, and small mammals.
    Interesting fact : They have deadly venom that causes paralysis of the nervous system
  • Camel Spider

    Latin Name: Solifugae

    The Camel Spider is also known as a wind spider, a sun spider or a wind scorpion but it is in fact a Solifugae and not a spider or scorpion. They are usually seen during the spring and summer months because of they're afraid of cold weather.

    Quick Facts

    Weight : 56 g
    Height : 12 – 15 cm
    Native to : Arabia and Asia
    What they eat : Ground-dwelling arthropods and other small animals
    Interesting fact : They move at speeds over 30 MPH and scream whilst they run.