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Giraffe and Sheep

  • Reticulated Giraffe

    Latin Name: Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata

    The magnificent Reticulated Giraffe is the most well-known of the nine giraffe subspecies in existence. They are native to north-eastern Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. Giraffes can grow up to a huge 5.8 metres high and weigh up to 1,400 kg! The extraordinary height of giraffes allows them to feed from the branches of trees that other hoofed animals can't reach. The spots on the giraffe are unique to each animal, much like a human's finger prints, therefore no two giraffes look the same!

    Quick Facts

    Weight : 1135 - 1815 kg
    Height : 425 - 520 cm
    Native to : Africa
    What they eat : Grasses, leaves and shoots.
    Interesting fact : They are the tallest land-living animal
  • Barbary Sheep

    Latin Name: Ammotragus lervia

    The grand Barbary Sheep is a species of goat-antelope that is found in the arid mountain areas in North Africa. They live off grazing material, which is found while scouring the mountain areas and don't need to drink as they are able to survive by the moisture they can absorb from the plants they eat.

    Quick Facts

    Weight : 40 – 140 kg
    Height : 80 – 100 cm
    Native to : Africa
    What they eat : Lichens, acacia and grass.
    Interesting fact : The colour of their coat helps them to remain camouflaged against the sandy rocks
  • Urial Sheep

    Latin Name: Ovis orientalis vignei

    The wild Urial Sheep is native to Iran and Kazakstan. The males have large horns which curl outwards from the top of the head, turning in behind the head. The females also have horns, although these are shorter and more compressed.

    Quick Facts

    Weight : up to 64 kg
    Height : 65 - 80 cm
    Native to : Arabia
    What they eat : Feed mainly on grass but are able to eat leaves of trees and bushes if needed
    Interesting fact : Although urial sheep are agile mountaineers they prefer to stay at the lower elevations of the mountains. They have however been recorded at elevations of 6000 m above sea level