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Our Philosophy


Throughout the development of Sir Bani Yas Island, and indeed all of the islands that make up Desert Islands, we are driven by a philosophy which guides our purpose, passion and what we do. That philosophy, which is also a part of our core beliefs, is quite simple – bring people closer to wildlife and nature whilst taking responsibility for the surrounding environment, supporting Abu Dhabi’s drive to develop a sustainable future in tourism.

We embrace responsibility and respect for the legacies of the past, the experiences of the present and the visions of the future. Taking pride in sharing these unique islands with their rich history of cultural and natural importance is vital in all that we do. We are thrilled to guide visitors through enriching journeys of island landscapes, wildlife reserves, marine ecologies, archaeological sites, and stories of Sir Bani Yas Island’s culture and heritage. Our work is continuous, as we aim to develop the islands’ tourism offerings, guided by the vision of a great leader.