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The Northern Cheetah finds a new home on Sir Bani Yas Island

After the successful introduction of the Striped Hyena to Sir Bani Yas the next predators to be relocated to the Island as part of the Sir Bani Yas Island Carnivore Project were four Northern Cheetahs further complementing the balance and continuing the efforts of the Sir Bani Yas Island Carnivore Project aiming to bring in specially-selected predators as a natural form of population control. 

Classified as ‘Vulnerable’ worldwide by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the cheetahs are extinct in the wild in the UAE. Initially, these fast predators were completely dependent on humans for food upon arrival on the Island, due to being bred or raised in captivity. However, like the hyena, they were successfully re-wilded (taught to survive and hunt for themselves) and now not only contribute to the Island’s circle of life, but have even welcomed cubs, the breeding and raising of which as been solely by their parents in a wild situation with no human interference – quite an achievement!

If you’re lucky, you can see these stunning creatures – with their distinctively spotted coats and black-lined faces – slinking around the Arabian Wildlife Park, or even chasing after prey!