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Striped Hyena welcomed to Sir Bani Yas Island!

The first predators to be introduced to the Island as part of the Sir Bani Yas Island Carnivore Project were the Striped Hyenas. The project’s aim is to bring in specially-selected predators as a natural form of population control, which would also result in a more natural ecosystem within the Arabian Wildlife Park.

The Striped Hyena’s on Sir Bani Yas Island Phiri (the female) and Arnold (the male) were raised in captivity separately, introduced to each other on the island and successfully re-wilded (taught to hunt for themselves) before release into the Arabian Wildlife Park, and have since welcomed cubs of their own and raised them unaided by humans! This is especially exciting as these scavengers are classified as ‘Vulnerable’ worldwide and “Extinct” in the UAE by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

They are generally shy and solitary creatures but you may be fortunate to spot one on the island, the hyenas can be identified by a long, black mane from the base of the head to the root of the tail aswell as their signature bark.