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Dr. Mubarak Ahmed Hassabelrasol

Born in Medani, Sudan, Mubarak started off his career as a veterinarian and worked at different sites of Sudan where he contributed to serving animal welfare. He spent four years as assistant professor at Jezira University, in Sudan where his continuous efforts led him move towards more success, as in 1997 he joined the Private Department of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan as a Veterinarian on Sir Bani Yas Island where he remains today as part of the Barari team. 

Dr Mubarak has spent 17 years working on Sir Bani Yas where he has shown incredible efforts in maintaining health of large herds of animal population. Along with his team he observes and monitors animal development and behaviour sometimes capturing them to move them to a more secure location. One of his biggest achievements is the darting of more than 50 animals in less than a month without reporting any casualties. 

He is involved with all plans regards future conservation endeavours, his proudest work so far being on the conservation and rehabilitation of the Arabian Oryx.